Home of Our Heart: Earthbound

by Soul Circus

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    This was a collaborative effort with family and friends with whom I shared ideas for the lyrics and melodies. I give full credit to the musicians and "non-musicians" for helping with the production of this short EP. I am so happy that we got this finished for my High School Senior Project. I really appreciated it and I send my gratitude to everyone who was involved! YOU ALL ROCK! - Jamiel
    Note: This album was not produced professionally, and had to be created under a very strict time period (High School Senior Project). I apologize if there is any lack of quality in some parts. Besides that, I think you will enjoy it. :)

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An album created in honor of our precious planet, and inspired by loving family and friends who shared most of the views on taking care of Mother Earth and all life. My idea was to create a short album with songs that captured a feeling of being a part of something much bigger than ourselves, and to take care of it with all heart and soul. In short: To take care of the Earth is to also take care of our own souls for we are connected to it. We are not separate!!


released May 25, 2014

Jamiel Conlon (Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Piano, Keyboards & Ocean Drum)

Jim Chapin (Acoustic Guitar, Vocals)

Linda Pietras (Vocals - Lead & Background)

Stephen Conlon (Spoken Word - Track 1/Lyrical Collaborator)

Andy Noel (Guitar & Vocals - Track 5)

Phebe Hawes (Backup Vocals - Tracks 1 & 5)



all rights reserved


Soul Circus Rhode Island

A lover of music and art, which is part of my everyday life. I always enjoy sharing the music I love with other people. Piano and Guitar are my two strongest talents, and some Ukulele. Music is a unique way of expressing the heart with passion and wonder, it is a kind of "sharing of the Soul". :) ... more

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Track Name: Cry of the Seagull
Today I took a walk along a beach I came to often with my grandpa as a boy. Fifty years have gone by, but the memories make it seem like it was only yesterday.

And I remember thinking that paradise, if there was such a place, must be like this: The endless blue sky above ~ as far as you could see. The beautiful blue-green water stretching as far as the edge of the horizon: miles off in the distance, sea and sky seemed to merge as one.

That sweet and salty smell, so refreshing, calming and reassuring, was one of my favorite smells in the whole world. The breeze was a messenger carrying news of a bounty ~ the salt water, sea grass, shell fish, sea weed ~ even the overwhelming scent of low tide ~ was a joy to me.

For my eyes ~ so much to see, so much to delight me there: all the birds, diving for fish, circling above or floating so easily on the updraft. The thrilling crash of the waves when the sea was high, and the deep feeling of calm when the surf was at rest. My Grandpa and I would sometimes stop and sit for an hour or so, taking it all in ~ knowing truly the blessing of peace.

[Musical Interlude]

Although these memories are as strong and vivid as ever, this place has changed ~ in almost every way ~ and not for the better.

Even before you see the sand, you know this is so ~ the smells that greet you in the parking lot are not so sweet, not so fresh. There was such an eerie quiet ~ It felt lonely ~ so very lonely.

As a boy ~ as a soon as I got out of the car, I would hear the calls of the sea birds. So many of them ~ so many different voices. It always filled me with a sense of joy, & excitement ~ thrilled by the sheer vibrancy of life by the sea.

Stunned and saddened by the silence ~ I went down to the beach.

Chorus: (2x) Time is short, love is strong, let’s get together and right this wrong.

The reflection of the water was now much duller, with a grey and sepia coloring ~ bright blue-green no more. And the birds were gone ~ just one lonely seagull calling, off into the distance ~ It seemed as if he had lost his family and flock.

I took a look around ~ but not another bird in the air, on the ground, or floating on the waves. I walked down to the waters edge, to get a glimpse of at what was under the murky surface. It was hard to see ~ the water was not so clear as before.
I kept looking ~ but found no fish, no crabs, no magical seas horses ~ my sisters favorite. Just a half-dozen baby horseshoe crabs, survivors of a billion years
~ were the only living creatures to be seen.

I turned again to look at the solitary seagull, who let out a half dozen sad and mournful cries.

It is easy to be saddened and discouraged by this kind of change. But for me, it is a source of inspiration, a reminder of the great untapped reservoirs of love and energy that lie sleeping in every one of us. Together, and only together ~ we can heal each other ~ and renew the seas.


[Musical Outro]
Track Name: Joy to Belong
The sun is shining
Bright in the sky,
Birds are flying
way up high,
Across-a-rainbow arching
my oh my

Singing their song,
such a joy to belong (2x)

Fish in the ocean
Birds in the trees,
Wild horses they run,
free as the breeze
They’re part of you,
and all part of me

[Chorus 2x]

[Musical Interlude]

Life is flowing,
'round you and me,
All life makes a circle
that’s as plain as can be
From the top of the mountain,
to the deep blue sea

Our love is so strong,
such a joy to belong
Track Name: River is Flowing
The river is flowing,
strong winds are blowing
no one quite knowing
which way to go

We keep on moving,
but who are we foolin'
fast track dreamin'
our lives away

Let's slow down now,
take a look around now
touch the earth, and
turn it around now (2x)

There's a lot of complaining,
fuss, fightin', and blamin'
Gotta open our hearts and
start working together

The Earth is our Mother,
gotta show we love her
Grow a million trees and
plant them all over

Let's slow down now,
take a look around now
Heal the earth and
turn it around now (2x)
Track Name: Take Me Away
All my life, I long to be — taken away, taken away
To the rivers and hills — rivers and hills,
Where I may stay — I may stay
That’s the place — I wanna be,
A place of pure tranquility

There’s a place — I know,
where the wind and silence speaks
So take me away —
to the mountain peaks —
mountain peaks
Here my soul — will be at peace,
finding solace among the trees
So take me away,
take me away…
take me home…

No technology — seen or heard,
gimme a song — from a sweet bird
Just a song, from a bird,
home in the trees — move in the breeze
That’s the place, I wanna be,
a place of pure tranquillity


I need a mountain — in the sky,
just beneath where eagles fly
Above the waves, above the wind,
above the world — we live within.

Climbing down — this mountain trail,
the roots of the trees — go down in my heart.
This valley descends, a wide open space
— deep down to my heart
deep down to my heart
Its a place I want to be, a place of pure tranquility